DEVLOG#05 | Building a Space Station.

Hey guys, Welcome back! After the completion of the ship upgrade shop I thought it would only be fitting to have somewhere you can park up your ships and have and hang out in between missions. Players will be able to purchase new ships and customise their current ships with a variety of visual upgrades including skins and other cosmetics. Pick up missions and repair, re-arm their ships with an arsenal of deadly weapons. I will continue to expand on this area as the development cycle continues. 

Persistent Hubs | Ship Hanger.

I started out by creating a simple Tile-map system to get a feel for the size of the area. Being a Hanger I felt this section of the station needed to be large but small enough for the play to navigate quickly. After some extensive testing I was happy with the size of this area. 

Happy with the size of the area I started padding out the environment to give it a unique feel. I made sure to leave room for various section which include:

  • Garage - This will be an area where players can repair their ships after taking damage completing a mini game to repair ships. Player will also be able to earn credits by completing mini challenges.
  • Ship Vendor - Here player will be able to buy new Flyable ships.
  • Cosmetic Vendor - Players will be able to buy new skins and colour variations for their Ships.

Persistent Hubs | Taking off.

To make STRIFE feel more immersive I wanted the player to be able to pick up missions from the hub. Marking their selected mission as active. The player will then be able to board their ship and take off from the station loading them into the level seamlessly.

Taking off from the station feels very satisfying and adds a new level of game play. Keeping the player immersed through a serious of sounds and visuals while the game loads into the next section.

This area of the game is entirely a work of progress and I am planning to add more in future updates. I will update my progress on this at a later date.

As always guys thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any feedback or questions down in the comments.

See you all next time!

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