DEVLOG#04 | Weapon Types & Upgrades.

Hey guys, Sorry It's been a little while since my last post. Development is going well and I have some new and exciting features to share with you. Although I am trying to bring you these blog post on a regular basis I may change my current schedule from a weekly basis and instead bring you some news as and when new features are added. This allows me to keep the development cycle running as efficient as possible and also does a better job of structuring the blog posts and keeping you in the loop :)

I am pleased to announce the Ship upgrade shop is now fully operational as well as all weapon systems for the first playable ship - "The Wasp" Piloted by Zoe. 

Shop | Ship Upgrades.

When I left you last - I had just started implementing the Ship upgrade shop. Allowing the player to purchase upgrades to their ship. These are now complete as well as their respective ammo types which can be purchased from the Ammo Shop.

I will go through these in order and explain what each weapon type does and what advantages it will have out on the frontline.

UI HUD | Heads up displays.

All UI HUD displays have also been updated. This will help you keep track of your ammo types and upgrades.  

Weapons | Laser Cannon.

Laser Cannons allow the Player to quickly fire off three shots at the enemy. This is the cheapest of the weapon upgrades and will be your primary weapon type. The laser cannon will provide you with sustain firepower. Helping you cut your way through waves of enemies out on the battlefield.

Weapons | Smart Rockets.

Smart Rockets allow the player to lock on to enemies with heatseeking rounds. Smart Rockets will seek out enemies exploding anything they come into contact with. Smart rockets also have a chance to hit multiple enemies. This is your secondary weapon and will have a longer cool down between firing. Use them to clear paths or quickly sweep up an enemy wave to avoid fire.

Weapons | Chain Gun.

The ChainGun provides rapid fire with high burst damage. Allow you to clear waves with ease. It high fire rate combined with high velocity rounds allow you to take down fast flying enemies and quickly destroy any asteroids in your path. The chain gun is your third weapon type. However, keep an eye on your ammo count as you will chew through rounds as fast as you can fire them.

Weapons | Warp Drive.

The Warp Drive allows players to slow down time. This will be your main dodge mechanic giving you the ability to quickly dodge enemy fire and find new flight paths through storms of bullets. In order to use the warp drive you will need to purchase Warp cells from the ammo shop.

Weapons | Supply Drops.

Supply drops allow you to call in your Wingman to aid you in battle. When you are low on health or have depleted your shield call one in. This will drop off a Health or shield pickup allowing you to get back into the fight when you Ship is damaged.

Upgrades | Shield Core V2.

The Shield Core V2 allow you to upgrade you shield capacity from 1 to 3. This is upgrade is expensive however it is permanent and does not require any ammunition. 

Upgrades | Heavy Armor.

The Heavy Armor Upgrade is also expensive, but permanent. Strengthening you hull allowing you to take more damage. Increasing your health from 3 to 5.

The ability to upgrade your ship will be imperative to your survival in later levels. I will soon be adding other playable ships. Next up will be "The Hornet" - a slower but heavier fighter. 

Anyways guys that about wraps things up for today. Sorry for the long post and as always please leave any feedback or questions down in the comments.

Stay safe!

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