DEVLOG#03 | Setting up shop.

Welcome back everyone! I have been very busy this week and I have been implementing lots of new and exiting additions to the Ship Upgrade Shop. Why not all of these upgrades will be showcased in this blog post. I wanted to talk about some exiting new gameplay changes linked to this.

Shop | Ship Upgrades.

As players progress - they will earn an in-game currency called Credits. These can be spent on a variety of new weapons, perks and defensive upgrades. 

Gaining access to these weapons and upgrades will be permanent how ever these upgrades will be exclusive to your current ship as all playable ships in this game will have a unique arsenal available to them. So if you want to continue using them all you have to do is head over to the hanger and jump back into your preferred ship.

Shop | Buying ammo.

While all weapons and upgrades are permanent you are going to have to stay stocked up on ammunition. Ammo can be bought from Ammo shops and once depleted will not refill until you go back to the shop to buy some. 

I wanted to there to be a tactical element involved with this. So before a player goes out on a mission they will have to prepare choosing which ammo they require before heading out. This does cost credits however, so be sure to keep track of your shots if you are planning on buying that new shiny fighter you saw docked in the hanger :)

Upgrades | Supply drops.

After purchasing you new upgrade you will notice your hud update. This will help you keep track of your Ammo count as well as help you manage cool downs.

A supply drop calls in a friendly pilot to aid you in battle. They will drop defensive upgrades such as health boosts and those well needed Shield cells. Supply drops will be limited to a maximum count of 4 drop. Call one in when you ship is damaged to quickly get you back in the fight! But use them wisely because you wont be able to get more until you go back to the Ammo Shop.

Development | Whats next?

I have been working very hard this week and I am hoping to have all upgrades completed and available in the relative shops by the end of the week. I will post future progress on this upon completion.

I am currently looking for play testers. If you are interested in this please get in touch. I am hoping to have a fully playable demo by the end of March. 

As always guys please feel free to leave a comment down below. I am always looking for new ways to improve and your feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading and cya next time! 

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